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About Hawthorn Academy

Hawthorn Academy is a free, public charter school  located in northern Utah serving Kindergarten thru 9th grade. We are an IB Programme authorized school for grades K-6. 

We have two campuses: 

  • our South Jordan campus serves students in grades K-6,
  • whereas our West Jordan campus serves students in grades K-9.

Our graduating 6th graders at the South Jordan campus receive priority enrollment status for 7th Grade at our West Jordan campus. 

Our Philosophy

Hawthorn Academy believes that our primary mission is three-fold;

  1. to engender a true "love of learning" in our students,
  2. to address the needs of the "whole child", and
  3. to provide a world-class educational foundation that prepares students for life.


Hawthorn Academy provides a safe environment where inquiry-based and data-driven differentiated instruction fosters confident, independent learners who will become balanced, productive, and contributing members of a global society.


To provide an exciting and enabling learning environment where students will develop a desire to explore and understand the world around them; be inspired to set and reach personal goals, and become lifelong seekers of knowledge.

We will provide challenging academics utilizing a proven methodology that will foster students who are responsible citizens, intellectually capable, and competitive in every aspect of society. Students will develop self-respect and self-discipline in a safe and supportive environment.

Our teaching methodologies and Program of Instruction are geared towards achieving this three-fold mission. The framework for our Comprehensive Program of Instruction is built around the selection of best-in-class curriculum, from respected and proven publishers, combined with the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) as a teaching methodology that serves as an overlay to our curriculum. Our curriculum is also designed to be compliant with the Utah State Core Curriculum.

Our instructional methods are focused on in-class activities, content, teaching methods and homework that are congruent with the IB philosophy. As a result, the student experience is more focused on system inquiry and Socratic methods more than rote memorization, repetition and "skill and drill" methods.

School Report Card

The Utah State Board of Education reports each year on how schools, districts, and the State are performing on important indicators. School report cards are intended to inform parents, educators, and community stakeholders as they work collaboratively to achieve student success. 

At the core of the Utah School Report Cards is the belief that all students can grow, and all schools can improve. While no student report card tells the full story of a child, no school report card tells the full story of a school. Education is far more than a single score or letter grade, but it is important that families and communities can see both strengths and areas that need support and improvement.

You can view our scores by district, West Jordan campus, or South Jordan campus.