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District Leadership

Superintendent & Principals

Dr. Floyd Stensrud

Superintendent & Lead Director

Good Day Hawthorn Academy Eagles! My name is Floyd Stensrud, and I have been selected as your new Lead Director. I am very excited about this new venture and the prospect of getting to know each of you and being a part of your community and its academic journey.

Jeremy Craig

South Jordan Principal

My interest in teaching actually began after completing high school. In college, I discovered that some of my most enjoyable classes had less to do with the subjects themselves, and more to do with my professors' engaging teaching methods. I was fascinated by the talent they had to create meaningful connections with their students. This is my seventh year at Hawthorn. I am excited to be a part of this school's bright future in education.

Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson

West Jordan Elementary Principal

Kristi Kunz

West Jordan Middle School Principal

I love being part of the Hawthorn Academy family.  This year will be my 20th year in education and my 13th year at Hawthorn. I was here when it first opened and frantically helped build the desks and tables the night before the school opened. Hawthorn Academy is my home and it is filled with great teachers, parents and students.   This year will be my 4th year as an Administrator at Hawthorn Academy and I am looking forward to working with all the middle school students.

Michelle Petrulsky
Michelle Petrulsky

Assistant Principal & ELL Coordinator

Directors & Coordinators

Halley Miranda

Communications Coordinator

Brittney Garcia

Curriculum and Assessment Director

Sandy Brown

IT Coordinator

Rachel Zager

Kitchen Director

Sarah Mataia

Special Education Director

Joy Leavitt

STEM Coordinator

District Staff

Kimberly Oliver

Administrative Assistant

Adrienne Woolley

Behavior Specialist

Bev Griffith

Literacy Specialist

Brianna Craw

School Nurse

Meg Cunningham LCSW

Social Worker

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