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Nichole Bonham

Nichole Bonham

Middle School Counselor West Jordan

Ms. Nic is new to Hawthorn Academy this year and is excited to have been sorted into Altruismo house! Empowering others while also nurturing a healthy competitive spirit is right up her alley. She recently retired from active duty military service after spending almost 30 years with Utah's Army National Guard. Her favorite memories from her military career include traveling to Morocco and Thailand with her Public Affairs unit. When Ms. Nic was nearing the end of her military service, she decided it was finally time to go back to school. She discovered she enjoyed online education programs and completed a bachelor of arts in communications through Thomas Edison University in New Jersey and a masters in school counseling through Adams State University in Colorado. Ms. Nic met her husband Craig in high school in San Pedro, California. They moved to Utah after getting married in 1992 and have lived here ever since. Some of Ms. Nic's favorite free-time activities include crocheting, reading, and binge watching BBC Masterpiece Theater mystery shows.

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