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RISE State Testing

Utah's Standardized State Assessment

RISE State Testing

The RISE test is Utah's standardized state assessment, and replaces the SAGE test. The RISE is administered to Utah students in grades 3-8, and 9th graders take the Utah Aspire Plus test. Our students also take RISE benchmark and interim tests during the school year. 

Please fill out this form and return to your campus principal to opt your student out of 2022-2023 RISE or Utah Aspire Plus testing.

School Report Card

The Utah State Board of Education reports each year on how schools, districts, and the State are performing on important indicators. School report cards are intended to inform parents, educators, and community stakeholders as they work collaboratively to achieve student success. 

At the core of the Utah School Report Cards is the belief that all students can grow, and all schools can improve. Included in the school report card is student performance on state standardized assessments.  

You can view school report cards, including testing data, by district, West Jordan campus, or South Jordan campus.