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Ben Crisanto



My name is Ben Crisanto. My story is that I was born in the Philippines and moved to Oregon when I was 4 years old. Oregon is where I grew up ie attended elementary, middle, and high school. I moved to Utah in 2006 and began attending Brigham Young University but later transferred to Utah Valley University. There, I graduated with a degree in education and a minor in business management. 

After I graduated, I took a teaching job in Granite School District. I taught for two years but decided to go into sales due to financial reasons. I sold life insurance for seven years and then sold SaaS for two years. 

During those years of selling, I missed teaching every day and would look at/think about how I could get back into teaching while at the same time being able to provide for my family financially. 

I finally got back into teaching in February 2023 and it’s been such a wonderful transition back into teaching. 

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy can be summed up in my motto, “We have a lot to cover and not much time to do it in.”

What this means is I will do everything in my power to create meaningful and interesting lessons, including teaching them time management and answering the questions of how and why it is beneficial for them.

Teaching is my passion and I am excited to be working with you and your kids, we have a lot to cover and not much time to do it in.

So, let’s get to work :)

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