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Tammy Casper


I was born and raised in West Jordan. I attended Westbrook Elementary which closed last year (2019).  Then I went to Kearns Jr and Senior High Schools. After high school I attended SLCC. Where I majored in general education while I figured out what I was going to pursue at university. As I was finishing up my Associate’s degree, I decided to major in Teaching Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State in Logan. I made that decision because math was one of my strengths and by that time I had learned to love it. Full disclosure: in my youth I did not fully appreciate math, but it was my best subject. Probably because I struggled to learn how to read, so I would do my math work first. Math had the least amount of reading involved. What I love about math is the patterns and the puzzles. I love doing puzzles and having a problem that I do not immediately know how to solve. I love digging into it and I enjoy the struggle of trying to figure out how to unravel it and solve it. When I do have spare time I like working on logic puzzles, physical puzzles, and playing games with my family. My favorite game is Nerts. It’s a very fast paced card game where you have to be aware of everything going on. I also enjoy hiking, quilting and crocheting.  

My first teaching position was at the Salt Lake Valley Detention Center. I interned there for a year and was then assigned to Artec West, a mental health facility. I taught there for two years. I learned a great deal about myself, my students and how to help students learn. One of my favorite quotes is “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it” from Anne of Green Gables. This quote rang true for me as I started my career. I learned to start every day fresh with my students. These early students also taught me that anyone can learn math no matter their current abilities. I truly believe that all students have the ability to excel in mathematics, given the right support.