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Stephanie Rendon

Board Member

Stephanie is a new member of the Hawthorn Board of Directors. She is the proud parent of three Hawthorn Academy students, ranging from kindergarten through ninth grade. Her family has attended Hawthorn Academy since it's doors opened in 2009. She has been heavily involved as a parent volunteer, serving as a room parent, committee chairperson, and a member of the HOPE Board from 2014-2015.

Stephanie has worked in the administration office for Southwest Airlines for 18 years and loves to travel with her family whenever schedules allow. She has served on several Corporate Boards, including the Legislative Awareness Team, traveling to Washington DC twice to meet with legislators as a representative for the company. She has worked with several non-profit organizations in the community and currently sits on the Ronald McDonald House Corporate Council in Salt Lake City.

Choice and quality in education is very important to her and she believes that parents and educators should work in tandem to ensure the success of every student. Stephanie is eager to join the Board and is very committed to the continued success of Hawthorn Academy. 

(Term expires July 1, 2022).