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Patti Zimmerman

3rd Grade

Back to School Night:

Hi! I am Patti Zimmerman, a very lucky third grade teacher at Hawthorn Academy. I have taught here at Hawthorn since it opened 10 years ago. I am a graduate from BYU. I had 6 children; 2 girls and 4 boys, who also attended BYU. Five of them graduated and all are successful in their careers. My husband and I met at BYU and have been married 44 years! He loves my students and he will even come and teach Simple Machines in the Springtime. He is just awesome!

My husband, Tom, and I have 23 grandchildren. We will have two great grandchildren this year, too. We own a beautiful white Goldendoodle, named Sadie, who we consider part of my family as well. She's just 6 months old and acts like a toddler at times.

My happiness revolves around my family. My favorite activity is visiting and playing with my husband, Tom, and our children and grandchildren. We love to travel to where they live, and have lived. We even traveled to Egypt where our daughter and her family lived for a couple of years. We've been to Spain, Israel, Guatemala, and Germany. My husband and I love to camp in our trailer and travel in this beautiful state of Utah.

I call all of my students HONOR STUDENTS because they work hard! I teach my students that it's okay to make a mistake; we just fix it! All of my students understand that I love each one for their own capabilities, and talents that make my class so wonderful! Being unique and different makes us special!