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Land Trust

2020-2021 Land Trust Calendar

9/10/2020 Meeting Minutes

12/7/2020 Agenda & Meeting Minutes

2019-2020 Final Report

Land Trust Council Membership and Election Procedures

In the state of Utah, monies from school trust lands are distributed to every public school through the School LAND Trust Program. Hawthorn Academy has a School LAND Trust Committee whose responsibilities include creating and approving the School LAND Trust Plan each year which identify an academic need and a proposed solution using the annual funds. The committee is an advisory body that may be comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators. All School LAND Trust Committee actions and plans are overseen and approved by the Governing Board of Directors.

Visit the School LAND Trust website for the current school plan and additional information.

Land Trust Committee

Meggen Pettit, chair:

Dr. Deborah Swensen, lead director:  

Jeremy Craig, principal: 

Steve Giles, principal: 

Shannon Zobrist, teacher: 

Yvonne Ruiz Diaz, parent: 

Tammi Wright, parent: 

Halley Miranda, parent:

Christie Mills, parent: 

Jennifer McKissick, parent:

Brianna Craw, parent: