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Jennifer Darcy

4th Grade

Back to School Night:

I cannot wait to get back into the classroom and work with my students. Several years ago, when my youngest daughter entered kindergarten, I was spending many hours in her classroom. This is where I discovered my love of teaching. I returned to school and earned my teaching degree through The University of Phoenix. During this same time, I was hired to work as a kindergarten aid. I spent three years working with kindergartners and loving every minute of it.

I have been teaching for five years and have spent all of my time in 2nd grade. I loved working with these students, but I am moving to 4th grade this year. I am excited to be working in 4th grade. I will be learning new curriculum and growing with my students. I am also looking forward to having some of my old students back in my classroom.

I am married to a wonderful man, Jeff. Together we have four awesome children, Brett, Jessica, Hope, and Mikell. My family means everything to me and I am so lucky to have had their support while I completed my education. As a family, we love to see plays and concerts, go camping, spend time playing games, and hanging out with extended family. I look forward to watching my family as they continue to grow. They bring me so much joy.

As for myself, I have many different things I enjoy doing. I love reading and listening to books. I usually have two - three books I am working on at a time. I enjoy crocheting, baking, trying new recipes for dinner, going to movies, and just being home with my family. This summer I went kayaking for the first time and loved it. I am planning on doing more kayaking in the future.