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Board Meetings

Board Meetings

West Jordan
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South Jordan
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Hawthorn Academy follows the Utah Open Meetings Act and all meetings are open to the public. Meeting information is posted at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance on the Utah Public Notice Website, along with previous meeting minutes and recordings. Meetings may be scheduled for the second Wednesday every month based on the tentative 2019-2020 Annual Meeting Calendar.

Board Meetings Work Sessions Closed Sessions
September 11, 2019 (WJ) Agenda/Minutes
October 16, 2019 (SJ, electronically) Agenda
November 13, 2019 (WJ)
January 8, 2020 (SJ)
February 12, 2020 (WJ)
March 11, 2020 (SJ)
April 8, 2020 (WJ)
May 13, 2020 (SJ) Agenda/Minutes
Meeting minutes are also made available to the public by request. To request a written copy of board meeting minutes or an audio recording of an open meeting, please email your request to

* indicates annual board meetings

Agendas & Minutes

Board Meetings begin at 8:45 AM unless otherwise noted. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change with at least 24 hours notice. Board Meetings are held at one of our two campuses, as indicated above (our WJ campus is located at 9062 S. 2200 West in West Jordan, and our SJ campus is located at 1437 W. 11400 South in South Jordan). You can download Agendas & Minutes by clicking on the links above.

Notice of Public Meetings

To receive an email or RSS feed whenever the HA Board of Directors has a public meeting, in addition to other tools for public meetings within the state of Utah, visit the Utah Public Meeting Notices website, then perform a Search for Hawthorn Academy.

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Rules of Order and Procedures

Financial Oversight

School Budget Available In accordance with Utah Code Ann. Section 53G-7-309, the governing board receives a budget report each month. This budget report includes the following information: (i) the amounts of all budget appropriations; (ii) the disbursements from the appropriations as of the date of the report; and (iii) the percentage of the disbursements as of the date of the report. The report is also available for public review. To receive a copy of a budget report(s), please email your request to Budget reports will be made available within five (5) business days of the request.


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West Jordan campus

South Jordan campus

  • 1437 West 11400 South
    South Jordan, UT 84095
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